My life is black and proud
My voice will not be quiet
Nor will it be cowed
Our suffering is eternal
Physical, spiritual, emotional


I will not be ignorant or passive
My resolve shall not fade
Now is the time for Justice
Anger and outrage,
is not enough My people do not need your fake love


Silence is loud,
Louder than your words
Collectively our voices may echo
And outreach further than the footsteps of our forefathers


Mere change is fleeting, gone with the wind
Our undertaking, like our determination
must be steadfast, strong,
And as unapologetic as my pigmentation


Let me not talk of privilege
Lest my words become uncouth.
Our suffering is not for history to tell
Not for books or well thought out poems


Now is the time
Only protest and rebellion is futile,
Death calls for life.
Let life speak truth.